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Training to increase IQ to much higher levels

Improve your memory, focus and creativity

Learn things quicker and develop your brain

Highly flexible and proven 3 step training system

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Dear friend,

Its true!

There really is a secret to genius intelligence.

Listen, if I didn't do it myself, I wouldn't believe it. In fact, the only reason I even tried to increase my intelligence was because everyone I knew was SO MUCH SMARTER than me that I HAD to!!

Let me tell you a true story.

At one point in my life, I was a dumb-ass simple and straight. I had no job, no money, no brains and no future. It was nearing the end of High School and everyone was getting ready for the final set of exams that would take them to university and college.

But I had nothing going for me! I was told my IQ was low and I had no chance to pass my exams. And for that reason, something drastic had to happen, and it had to happen soon, or I was going to lose my sanity. I was ambitious and I didn't want to give up!

After months of banging my head against the wall, and trying to find a solution to my problems, I found a unique answer that literally changed my life.

3 months later, my memory, concentration, learning, understanding, creativity and overall mental ability had all improved hugely. I passed all my exams with flying colors and distinction. Things started to look brighter (finally!)

6 months on, that sky-rocket reached astronomical levels: My memory had shot up completely - shockingly, it was almost photographic. I could do disgustingly complex calculations in my head and come up with the most intricate of complicated ideas. I had stumbled upon something huge and I couldn't believe it. This was a simple, never before revealed 3 step intelligence increasing system that was working like crazy!

They were all laughing....

I still remember the time when I showed this system to my friends. They were all laughing! One of them even said, "your intelligence is genetic and there's nothing you can do. Just accept it! Why would anyone look at your system anyway?!"

But I guess I had the last laugh. I am now a distinguished academic from a world class university. In 2004, my IQ was officially measured (using a variety of IQ tests) to be at least 170.

So how is this going to help you?!? Well, for the first time ever, I'm going to show you the simple, 3-step system that took me from being on the verge of mental retardation, to the greatest heights of intellectual achievement. Easily, systematically, and with you completely in control! Your intelligence will increase more in two months using my simple, step-by step training techniques than it will on its own in your whole entire life.

Just Imagine Waking Up With An Awesomely Powerful Mind, Full Of Ideas And Enormous Energy...

Just think for a moment: Wouldn't it feel great to finally have an intelligence that will make others admire you?

Wouldn't you feel ecstatic to finally pass every intellectual and academic challenge in your life with poise and brilliance?

Just imagine the possibilities of a high IQ! Just imagine the freedom, the joy, the clarity and ease of life that it brings!

The best thing about this system is that it's so easy to follow that you'll feel guilty! All you have to do is follow and apply the simple, step by step training instructions and watch your intellectual ability sky rocket!

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This project is also the culmination of years upon years of research and experimentation. Hundreds of the world's greatest minds have been researched to find out their secrets to intellectual success and we've inputted the most critical of these in "The Complete Guide To Genius™".

Also, there are only 3 steps. That's it! Follow the training steps from one to three and you're done! You will never find this comprehensive system anywhere else, simply because no one else has the experience and resources to teach it.

Here Is What You'll Find In
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Here Is What Others Are Saying:

Before I learned from you, my IQ was only 130, now it has skyrocketed, it's 160 now. Thanks a million for your help! I'm studying medicine and French at the moment. I'm a sophomore at the University of Medicine.

(P. Zeyar, Malaysia)

Testimonial Proof

Before I started the technique, my IQ was 110, now its 123! Its still a long way to go. Thank you so much for making this guide available.

(H. Mudrid, India)

Testimonial Proof

It's just so helpful to have the book around, I can't believe I didn't stumble on it before. Once I saw the website I knew it was the thing for me.

My IQ reached finally 150 in 3 months of hard work; but you know what? Im proud of it. Now I know that everything is possible and there are no limits.

(S. Istvan, Romania)

Testimonial Proof

This book is awesome. It's like a workout for your mind. Best of all, its written in simple English.

I must admit, my IQ results seem to fluctuate depending on how much I concentrate but my lowest scores, which were usually at around 120-125 are now at around 130-135 and I've never got 149 before. I seem to be seeing solutions to problems I never could before. It's strange. There is one side effect to a high IQ though, I must admit; your brain is ALWAYS buzzing. ALWAYS!

(J. Evans, U.K)

Testimonial Proof

I've had my intelligence tested by several different agencies in the past four days and my intelligence has ranged roughly evenly distributed over 4 to 5 standard deviations above the mean (160 to 175 IQ).

(A. Johnson, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

The Complete Guide To Genius helped me so much. My memory is so much better, and what normally takes me all day to learn, is now done in just a few hours.

As of July 9th, my IQ was 139. I've charted my progress and I seem to be gaining about 5-6 IQ points per month of use.

(G. Ringer, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

Through 4 months of training, my IQ steadily increased and now I've gained about 20 points altogether...It's worked for me like mad and I noticed the effects within days. I can't wait to be genius. It's going to be awesome and I've only got the genius guide to thank for that.

Thank you, my initial IQ 1 year ago was 122. Now it is 164 thanks to you're guide!

(A. Caugar, Bulgaria)

Testimonial Proof

Btw, we have to admit the information is really mind-blowing and indeed as good as it is claimed.

(Y. Wen, Hong Kong)

Testimonial Proof

I've just finished reading your guide and I have to say that its spot on in regards the nutrition advice. I'm a researcher in this field and your advice is very up to date with our current research efforts.

(T. Hunter, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

I had an IQ of 135 two months ago, now, I have a 144! I'm really please with this. Though it does not mean that I am satisfied with it, I'm not until it's 250 and above! I know it's possible.

(S. Adams, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

I would just like to inform that after 2 weeks of using your guide, my IQ increased by six points! (from 126 to 132)

(M. Ugool, India)

Testimonial Proof

Your ebook and correspondence have been more of a help to me than any person that's ever given me advice; and it's because your techniques foster REAL changes. Its just exceptionally useful information....Your work is true genius and of great benefit to all, certainly worthy of the highest citations and awards.

(M. Davis, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

Hello sir! This is one of your members. I am really grateful to you for helping me to increase my IQ. Your techniques are absolutely excellent and I have started feeling the change. I feel more smarter than before.

(R. Bhan, U.S.A)

Testimonial Proof

I've been reading your guide for quite a while, and I am really impressed. You guys are certainly masters of genius-building techniques. Thanks a lot for showing me the path to becoming an intellectual extraordinaire.

(G. Pan, Australia)

Testimonial Proof

View more in the IQ increase testimonials section. Full names, contact details and other identifiable information has been removed to protect privacy. If you want to submit a testimonial, please contact the support desk.

Section 1: The Intelligence Increasing Techniques

In this section, we will talk about all the techniques available to increase your intelligence! This will include information on the benefits, what areas of the brain are targeted and schedules of use. Each technique also has variations for additional levels of intensity and results.

The variety means you have the choice to get better at what you want!

21 step by step and simple techniques to increase your intelligence!

Techniques designed for any IQ gain you want, including methods to increase IQ by up to 20, 30 or even 40 points!

Varied techniques designed to increase concentration and focus abilities which are essential for intellectual success!

Detailed instructions of how to improve memory, learning abilities and store information much more quickly!

How to achieve a real IQ of 170-180. We will give you a step by step and detailed training schedule to get to this level of intellect at long last.

Exercises designed to increase creativity, intuition, idea generation and rapid thinking potential in your mind!

Exercises designed to improve problem solving, abstract thinking and mathematical processing speed!

The PTMR Technique to gain insight, intuition and inspiration. Increase your IQ by 10 points!

The Square Attention software program to target multi-tasking, sequencing and logical aspects of your mind. This is an IQ training program that is played on your computer!


Section 2 - Brain Nutrition, Diet And Supplements

In this section we will talk about how to modify your diet to give your brain maximum firepower! The right combination of food and supplements can help you to operate at peak performance for longer and maintain a strong IQ.

Your diet also gives you the building blocks to get maximum benefit from the techniques.

The Glycemic Index of foods and how it affects intelligence!

The foods that naturally increase intelligence! This is the laziest and easiest way to increase IQ!

The twelve guidelines to feed your brain properly and create awesome brainpower!

What you should eat at breakfast every day to maintain your brain power!

The link between sugary foods and your brain! Eat well towards mental training success!


Section 3 - Accessing The Power Of Your Mind For Goals

This section will help you to make maximum use of your new mental powers! It reveals the secrets of some of the world's greatest achievers and how they reached true genius during their lifetimes. We take a look at the subconscious mind, how it works and how you can use it to achieve your ambitions and goals in life.

This allows you to use your higher IQ for the things that matter to you, helping you to achieve your life goals.

How to deal with distractions and make yourself motivated to succeed!

How to access the power of the subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals!

How to tap your super genius creativity for higher levels of thinking and better decision making!

All of the above, under the three step system will improve:

Overall brain power, eventually up to genius levels

Intellectual creativity, intuition and idea generation

Intellectual diversity through new found talents

Problem solving and analytical ability

Memory, directly and through an onset of photographic ability

Learning and study skills

Join The Revolution Now!

The Complete Guide to Genius™ is, quite simply, a revolution for your mind. It will completely change the way you think, act and process information. It will boost your confidence, ambition and ability to succeed in life. This guide has immense benefits that can last a lifetime and we are pleased to offer it to you now at a realistic and affordable price:

The Complete Guide To Genius™ is only $67 US.

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The technique of Optical Enhancement, for a quick and easy boost in intelligence!

The advanced QWS technique to help increase IQ past the 20 points mark and boost your results further!

Eight techniques to increase your visualising ability. Link deeper to the subconscious mind and increase mental clarity at long last!

Tips, pointers, guidelines and secrets to maximise your training effectiveness and get the largest gains!

The Dualist Mental Expansion techniques: How to take advantage of physical exercises to increase intelligence and maximise permanent gains in IQ!

Frequently Asked Question sections detailed at relevant points within the guide to help you understand the training on a deeper level and boost your gains further!

How to prevent over training and ensure you get steady increases in brain power on a continuous basis!

Personalised customer support for your training schedules whenever you need it! Simply send us an e-mail using our support desk.


The 15 supplements that will boost your brain power in ways you never thought possible!

Discover which supplements reverse mental aging!

Discover which supplements restore a youthful memory!

Discover which herbal and nutritional supplements can help those with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's or any other mental disease!

Why and which supplements are important if you want to maximise intelligence in the shortest time!


Ways to improve your mindset, thinking patterns and dedication to your goals using mental power!

How to determine what you truly want out of life and go for it with maximum speed!

How to program your subconscious mind like a computer and help push you to your goals!

Reading ability, including increased reading speed

Rebuttal and argumentative ability

Concentration and focus powers

Mathematical, logic and abstract thinking skills

Mental confidence and inner self esteem

Ambition and your ability to achieve your goals

Why Buy From Us?

1. Save lots of time. To figure this all out for yourself would take at least 3-5 years. You'd also waste time on books and articles that don't show you the bigger picture. We cut the chase and show you everything you need to increase IQ in a step by step and simple fashion.

2. Excellent value for money. Thousands of dollars of research have been invested in this product. You are therefore getting thousands of dollars worth of value at a fraction of the price. Our price is highly affordable and no one can lose out.

3. No more frustration. With a higher IQ, you can change your life around completely. Never again will you lose out because of a lower IQ. You can set yourself free and achieve the things you really want in life.

Your purchase includes:

1. The Complete Guide To Genius™, with all techniques, methods and strategies to increase IQ as mentioned above
2. Square Attention IQ training software. This can be played on any computer system
3. $900 worth of bonus products mentioned below (IQ Increaser audios, Material Manifestation audios and bonus e-books for mind improvement)
4. Download access, a license code and password to open the products. An e-mail receipt is also provided to your e-mail address

Download access is provided immediately on order completion. You also receive an e-mail receipt and license code to access the guide.
Free lifetime support and advice from the GeniusIntelligence.com team for any questions you have. Simply send us an e-mail and we'll get back to you!
Access the products whenever you want. You can access on a Mac, PC or any other system. Your download link is active for life.
Main Benefits Of The Guide:

1. Become more productive in anything you do. Save time, energy and effort with the higher processing power your mind has.

2. Think more clearly. Make better decisions and improve your life progress.

3. Become more confident about your abilities. Feel more sure about yourself and what you can do.

4. Achieve your ambitions and goals in life with more ease. With a more powerful mind, the sky is the limit.

Will The Product Work For Me?

Yes! We have a very high success rate.

Who Should Use The Product?

Anyone who is interested in improving the power of their minds, becoming more mentally efficient and achieving their intellectual goals. Everyone and anyone can benefit from it.

To summarise the guide:

Raise your IQ and mental powers to much higher levels. Reach all of your intellectual goals at last.

Suitable for use for all ages, young and old. The techniques are safe for the whole family.

Achieve IQ's in the region of 170-180 with dedicated, consistent use. Reach genius intelligence!

Train from as little as 20 minutes per day, and a maximum of 60 mins per day, for 5 days/week.

Choose and practise with the techniques you like. Decide what suits your lifestyle and goals!



Below is some information on the bonuses you will get. Every person who is interested in improving their minds will benefit from this. We recommend you act now before it's too late as this is a special offer which may be stopped at a future date:

Special Bonus # 1: The Genius Intelligence BrainTune® Harmonics IQ Increaser Audio ($197 Value)

This download is AWESOME as it can potentially increase IQ to 160 by simply listening to the pure sounds. It does this by using harmonics sound technology to mimic the brainwave state of a high IQ person. Your neurons are therefore stimulated to increase their dendrite complexity, leading to intelligence increase. You would listen to the audio for 30-60 mins per day, 5 times per week.

The CD has been converted so you can download it from this website and the files are in .mp3 format - add it to your mp3 player for on the move listening!

Audio sample below. This is just the sound without the harmonics:

Special Bonus #2: The Genius Intelligence BrainTune® Harmonics Material Manifestation Audio™ ($597 value)

What is the secret to material success? And why is that some people achieve success so easily?

The secret to material success actually lies in your mindset, because the mind is a computer which seeks out opportunity depending on how it is programmed.

This revolutionary and SIMPLY AWESOME brain harmonics audio is an exact replica of the specific brainwave patterns found in the minds of successful people. You would listen to the audio once per week, and intend your goal whilst doing so. The results are profound as your mind enters "the zone" of peak performance, allowing you to achieve greater heights of success!

The CD has been converted so it can be downloaded. Audio sample below:

The IQ increaser can also be used to enhance study and learning powers, memory, creativity, mathematical ability and any other vital area of your IQ and intelligence capability. It's yours as a bonus today.
Special Bonus: #3 Powerful Ways
To Sharpen Your Memory ($100 value)

What good is being a genius if you can't even remember your amazing thoughts and ideas? Wouldn't it be great to remember everything for a change? How much value do you think this will be at your work, where business relationships are crucial or at home where relationships are on edge?

Nobody should blame their lack of success on their memory, and neither should you.

This bonus explains with immense detail and clearly, why we forget, and what we can do to possess an amazing memory. It will lead to a greater improvement in memory in one month of training, than all the years spent doing nothing and watching your memory disintegrate!

Special Bonus: #4 The Power Of Thought
($100 Value)

Your thoughts are unbelievably powerful! Everything you see around you is the product of thought. Thoughts can penetrate the very earth and space that we live in, thus influencing the world which we live. Thought is the purest form of energy in existence.

Wouldn't it be great to harness this power and direct it towards the goals we have set in life? Lets use the amazing and pure power of our thoughts and live our dreams, for where your thought goes, the energy of the universe will flow!

This bonus explains with extreme clarity, how the way we use our thoughts can change our lives, thus allowing us to achieve genius intelligence in our own right.

Special Bonus #5: Master The Oxford Interview ($250 value)

What is the secret to get into Harvard, or Oxford or Princeton?

If you're ever going to apply to a world-class university, then this book will reveal the secrets that admission tutors look for.

It reveals the interview techniques which reveal your intelligence at its best whether you're applying to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, CIT, Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, Tokyo, or any other world-class university.

A MUST HAVE for any student on their way to university!

Special Bonus #6: Brain Myths Exposed ($50 value)

This bonus is awesome as it gives you a deep insight into the human brain, beyond the myths created by society and poor scientific practice.

We know the brain is composed of billions of neurons and dendrites but this book takes it one step further and explains their composition, functions, relationships and characteristics!

This e-book also explains how brain regeneration is possible, and why brain shrinkage may not necessarily be a bad thing after all!

It is a perfect companion to "The Complete Guide to Genius" and is available as your bonus today.


The bonus products above are guaranteed if you order now. The bad news is that these bonuses can't last forever, so get in now before it's too late.

60 Day 100% Money Back Risk-FREE Guarantee!

Your success in using this guide is completely guaranteed.  In fact, here's my 100%

How can I offer such an incredibly powerful 100% Risk Free Guarantee? It's simple really.... Once you read this guide and see how easy it is to increase your intelligence, you'll start practising the techniques right away and get the awesome benefits for your mind!

Is that fair or what?!?

That means you can read the guide entirely at my risk, while you see if it works for you or not. And if it doesn't, you get your money back and lose nothing. And you can keep the course AND free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving this incredible system a try!

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1. The Complete Guide To Genius™, with all techniques, methods and strategies to increase IQ as mentioned above
2. Square Attention IQ training software. This can be played on any computer system
3. $900 worth of bonus products (IQ Increaser audios, Material Manifestation audios and bonus e-books for memory and mind improvement)
4. A license code and password to access the products, and a receipt sent to your e-mail address

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